Jeff Hayward

September 16, 2021

We cannot overstate how happy we are Studio T Photography and with the senior photos that Susan took of our daughter. She engaged her directly. Susan asked her what SHE had in mind and didn’t have her own canned way of doing things. She encouraged her with each click of the camera, made her laugh, and stopped to show her shots as she was taking them. Susan took her time with our daughter having her change outfits and locations. When we saw the final shots, it was nearly impossible to narrow it down!! And then, WOW! We got the final book of prints. They were the most beautiful photos we had ever seen. The crispness, vivid colors, lighting…you name it. They were absolutely perfect! Our other daughter is graduating from high school this year. Can’t wait to see what Susan does with her! Susan and Studio T Photography are top shelf, professional and fun. Would recommend her to anyone.